Final release. Download availble for everyone.


Since I started called a lot of material accumulated:

- All kinds of books (eg. from Bill Peters or Dick Han)

- Material from Caller schools

- Own material I wrote, translations

- Callerlab documents


AND: all kind of emails and text files with a lot of choreographic ideas. All this material is hidden somewhere in various folder on my computer(s) or as paper in paper files somewhere in my house.

In december 2016 I started to write a program to organize that material. Intent is to easily make it reusable. Basis was a collection of sequences I had in my "Karaoke for Callers" program. There I hardly ever used it. So I deleted it there and integrated and extended it in the new program.

Meanwhile the program has  developed into a set of tools each caller may need at some point in time. I offer to try that program yourself (download link below).

The program:

- maintains sequences (a number of square dance calls) (singing, full sequences, zeros, getins, getouts)

- has 2 document viewers for all kind of formats (PDF, MS Word, Web pages)

- integrates the SD program (see:

- Integrates other programs : Scan program, Shorthand utility, database editor


This is how the start screen looks like;

 Shoud you be interested in the program - please read the program description first. You can load it here:

In addition I produces some videos explaining the intended use in more detail:

Video 01: Overview of program:

Video 02: Handling of Sequences:

Video 03: File Viewer:

Video 04: External tools:

Video 05: Own tools/programs :

Video 06: Tipmaker:

Video 07: Lyricsmaker:


 If you are still interested in the program you can download the setup from here:

The program description has some advice regarding installation - specially about warnings and viruses - please read.

Most likely the program still will have bugs. If you find any PLEASE take the time to send message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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