Unfortunately it was not enough .... The Veerkantloopers are history

We have tried everything, but it was not enough. End of last year 4 dancers left and we were down to 7 dancers only. Since the beginning of 2013 the decline was obvious. We never were able to have all 11 members on board at the same time. Since the summer holidays in 2013, the club night could only take place with outside help - in particular by Dancing Seals.

We tried advertising for new dancers; made annoucements to the local newspapers, distributed flyers in app. 500 households - no response at all.

Thus, no more club nights will be held until further notice. Presumably, the remaining dancers will cancel their membership with the LAK (our official club Name) which will be "THE END" of the "Veerkantloopers".

It is a pity .... and I'm sad!

Graduation 2013

I can't believe it - but we celebrated graduation. On 09/21/2013 it did happen. Together with the Dancing Seals in Norden we celebrated and graduated our students. Hurrah!!!

New dance location 2013

Since end of the summer holidays 2013, we have a new dance location. The mill barn was just too cold in the winter and our interim place, the former special school is now rebuilt and is no longer available. See directions to find us.

What you need to know

We are a small group of 11 members plus Caller. 

Unfortunately, our club nights could not take place quite often due to lack of dancers. We therefore needed 2 years until we could celebrate graduation.

Essentially this had two reasons:

1. Diseases: we nearly had everything: Twisted kneecaps; herniated disc (the caller); broken arm, heel spurs, cervical spine, ... - We fill a lot of records with our problems. 

2. Many dancers have obligations of a private nature, or in other groups. If the dates collide, square dance often comes second.

If you want to visit us is: WELCOME, but you have to take as we are.

Of course there is the obligatory signature for visiting a club. We have no dangles at the moment.

Please call in advance and leave your cell phone number. Unfortunately, the club night is often cancelled on VERY short notice.

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